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Dragon services-trademarks & designs
20 Oct

Dragon services-trademarks & designs

Trademark and design business is another key part of Dragon services. Dragon started trademark business in 2003, accumulated years of experiences with strong capability of cases handling. In 2015, trademark and design business departments are incorporated to become a trademark and design department for providing clients with excellent service through optimization.

Main business contents of trademark and design: domestic and foreign trademark application, trademark review and adjudication, trademark opposition, design application, design reexamination, trademark and design related legal business such as investigation, identification, invalidation, administrative proceedings, civil proceedings.

Dragon trademark and design business team: it consists of a trademark team and a design team. A majority of members in the trademark team have degrees in law. They previously worked for years in Chinese or foreign IP firms or law firms, received systematic trainings of trademark knowledge and Chinese Trademark Law, and dealt with a large number of complicated trademark cases, and have prominent ability to act as an attorney. Members of the Dragon design team have design and related educational background. They have dealt with a variety of designs and take part in design related vocational train regularly so as to provide clients with better service. The head of the trademark and design department is a training instructor who is recruited by All-China Patent Attorneys Association throughout the year, and he often accepts the invitation from Japanese companies to go to Japan to do regular trademark and design training for them. Members of Dragon trademark and design business teams are proficient in English, Japanese, and Korea and capable of directly discussing, consulting, communicating and contacting with foreign clients, which ensures timely communication and high accuracy of agency work.

In recent years, Dragon sends a team of representatives to attend the annual meeting of the International Trademark Association(INTA) every year, and makes in depth discussion about the development status of China trademarks, the trademark development strategy of international enterprises in China, international trademark registration affairs, and the like, establishing friendship and business relations.

With rapid development of Dragon trademark and design business, more than 1000 pieces of cases are received each year. The quality of case handling wins clients’ favorable comments while the increasing of cases, especially, Dragon was scored highest in the evaluation of an international famous TOP 500 enterprise to its global partners over years.