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Dragon services-patent
20 Oct

Dragon services-patent

Dragons’ patent attorneys and patent engineers have worked in domestic and foreign enterprises, dedicated in technical and scientific research, covering areas of mechanics, electrics, chemistry, etc., specifically including electronics, communication, electrics, semi-conduct, computer, automation, industrial machinery, construction machinery, daily supplies, analytic instrument, medical equipment, bioengineering, medicine, chemical material, polymer, chemical engineering, etc.

Patent business contents:

Drafting patent application documents, domestic and foreign patent application (through procedures of PCT and Paris Convention), patent re-examination, patent invalidation, administrative proceedings, legal proceedings of patent infringement disputes, administrative handling of patent infringement disputes, exhibition intellectual property protection, patent customs protection, provision of legal advice regarding patent validity, provision of legal advice regarding patent infringement judgment, provision of legal advice regarding patent law, patent and non-patent technology licensing, consultation and acting for patent transfer, payment of annual fee, record of patent contract, patent strategy design, patent application retrieval, patent mining, patent evaluation, intellectual property rights trading, translation of patent documents, other patent related matters.

Dragon patent teams:

Dragon patent teams:Dragon patent team consist foreign patent team, domestic patent team and lawsuit team. The foreign patent team possessing fluent foreign language communication ability to directly discuss, consult, communicate and contact with foreign clients freely in English, Japanese, Korean, Italian, etc., which ensures swift response and and accuracy. The domestic patent team with rich patent drafting experiences and good client communication ability, with majority of domestic patent attorneys have worked in the intellectual property department of high-tech enterprises, and capable of providing professional service for clients. The litigation team having both technical and legal backgrounds and capable of handling patent invalidation litigations in all areas of mechanics, equipment, chemistry, medicine, communications, electronics, automation, chemical engineering, etc.,. DRAGON patent teams are highly praised by foreign and domestic clients depending on their brilliant technical and legal knowledge, rich experiences, and rigorous working style.

After years of effort, Dragon has built comprehensive and scientific attorney training system, quality control system, and procedure management system to ensure Dragon stands ready to provide high-qualified patent services for all clients.