Other IP Businesses

Other intellectual property related businesses
20 Oct

Other intellectual property related businesses

Intellectual property businesses except patents and trademarks are important and advantageous constituent parts of Dragon services, including intellectual property customs protection registration, computer software registration, copyright registration, legal proceedings and administrative handing of copyright infringement, commercial secret, decoration of goods, action of unfair competition cases, registration of layout-designs of integrated circuit, domain registration and dispute settlement.

Dragon is one of the earliest patent agencies who developed other intellectual property businesses. Dragon was entrusted by Japan Toshiba in 2002 to act as an agent of the first case of integrated circuit in China, with the application No. 025000330. After ten years’ development, Dragon obtains rich experiences and has a firm capability of cases handling.

Members of Dragon’s other intellectual property business team have degrees in law, and have the background of other intellectual property related major. They previously worked in domestic and foreign intellectual property firms for many years, received systemic trainings, and dealt with a large number of complicated cases, having prominent ability to act as an agent. They are proficient in English, Japanese, and Korea and capable of directly discussing, consulting, communicating and contacting with foreign clients, which ensures timely communication and high accuracy of agency work.

In recent years, with rapid development of other intellectual property businesses, the number of cases is increasing each year, and Dragon is praised by clients from around the globe.